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Delhi Walks

Mystic Old Delhi

Having been born and spent his childhood in Old Delhi and still having ancestral properties there, your host Ajay knows all about those busy bye-lanes winding and twisting in a maze that forms the financial backbone of the modern day Delhi’s business class. We will be happy to take you on a walking tour of the same, a tour that most professional tour guides can’t provide as they probably don’t know the marvel that is Old Delhi like Ajay does from having spent a childhood running amok those lanes. Not to mention, he also happens to know the perfect places to stop by to treat yourself with the famous Purani Dilli Chaat (food and snack items) which are a specialty from the years gone past, the secret recipes for which have been handed down from one generation to another for the past several decades – the hidden gems that even the most elaborate of guidebooks fail to mention. Intrigued and interested? Contact Us.

Shahpur Jat Village

The village, a mere 5 minutes walking distance from our house is home to many interesting Indian ethnic designer boutiques and art galleries flanked by several funky cafes – a walk that makes for a perfect evening out. You can explore this area by yourself.

Hauz Khas Village

Well, if you haven’t heard or read about this already, your Delhi research isn’t yet complete. At a short walk away from our home, the Hauz Khas Village is a mélange of colorful cafes, bars, restaurants, art galleries and handicraft shops all stacked around the 14th century Munda Gumbad and the Hauz Khas Fort. While the day can be spent wandering the beautiful Deer Park frequented by the myriad species of birds in Delhi and exploring the ruins of ancient monuments; the evenings are well spent sitting in one of the many many cafes overlooking the lake, soaking in the greenery and listening to live music being played by budding local artists at select cafes. At night you can see the village literally transforming from a quaint historical neighbourhood into one the hottest destinations of Delhi buzzing with thousands of locals for a drink or two, celebrating one thing or the other. Don’t forget to ask us about which places afford the best views and which serve the best food to wash down with that beer. You can explore this area by yourself.

Special Classes

Old Delhi inspired cooking classes

What is better than gorging on traditional Delhi food? Well, how about being able to cook and serve it to your friends back home? Your hostess, Savita is a master at the Old Delhi cooking style. With a degree in home economics from a prestigious university in Delhi, her cooking has brought us repeat guests and generated guest referrals from all over the world almost single handedly. She is keen on sharing her expertise with you through her cooking classes at our home. These classes are hands on, specially designed to be not very complex and most importantly with ingredients that are easily available outside India. Classes are customizable, in case you have any special requirements we’ll try to accommodate those. And if the season is right, you might even get to learn how to prepare mouthwatering pickles and pappadums.

Yoga and meditation classes

We have a reciprocity business with a yoga instructor who conducts yoga and meditation classes and caters to a lot of international students. Her Yoga studio is but a two minute walk from our home and we will be most happy to share her contact details with you or arrange classes for you with them. You don’t pay us anything for this, only her course fees is chargeable covered directly between you and her. Contact us prior for availability and prices

Indian cultural festivities and celebrations

One of the best aspects of staying at a homestay and not a hotel is that you get to be a part of the family and when it’s India, you always have the off chance of being here during one of the festivals. The rapidly changing environment and the flurry of immigration to Delhi from other parts of India is making a lot of us lose the essence of being a true Delhi-ite which is to revel in the festivities and the traditional celebrations that come along with them. However, being deeply rooted in Delhi, we have very traditional and almost-turned-rare ways of celebrating major festivals of North India – Diwali, Holi, Janamashtmi, Dussehra to name a few. All our guests are invited to join us during the celebrations and the feasts that follow!

Diwali celebration with our guests
Having dinner with our guests
Having dinner with our guests